I've got to say this is one of the best purchases we've ever made. Given the odd shape of our kitchen we couldn't fit in a table so the wall fitting has been a godsend for us. The picture frame looks awesome, and no one knows it's a table until we get it out. It looks great and the folding mechanism works a treat so we couldn't be any happier. Many thanks!

London, England


Hi Verena: Your Picture Table is really fine quality and fantastic, all my friends and visitors are surprised by your design. The table functions are working really good and the table really strong and sturdy. It also works perfectly as wall deco. Thanks for your design, hopes there's more amazing ideas while comes from you! Cheers! Charlene



Hi Verena - Abbey and I are very satisfied with our table. It is always a great conversation topic when we have guests over. We will continue to spread the word about Ivy Design with our friends and family. Thanks, Adam C. Iffrig

USA, Illinois


I am very satisfied with this product... It is one of the most items I introduce to my visitors. The reaction of them is making myself very proud to get this product- How was the mounting? The mounting is easy for me. I would give 5 out of 5 for the execellent quality of your product! Thanks, Farhat



The table was perfect for the Ideal Home Show, and a great addition to the Ideal Smart Home. It provided a real "wow-factor" as part of the presentation; we had many visitors asking where the table had come from, and whether they could purchase one at the show. Please keep us updated on any future developments or launches. Thanks, Anthony

London, England


Sehr verehrte Frau Lang gerne gebe ich Ihnen ein Feedback zu dem Klapptisch Classic mit Spiegel. Die Anbringung mit Hilfe der Anleitung war schnell erledigt, die Funktion wie gewünscht und erwartet. Auch nach drei Jahren Gebrauch zeigen sich keine Abnutzungserscheinungen. Der Tisch ist sehr stabil und wackelt nicht. (Was von Gästen immer als erstes getestet wird. Wir sind sehr zufrieden und können Design, Funktion und Qualität nur weiter empfehlen.

Kassel, Deutschland


I am very happy with my Premium folding "picture frame" table. Worth every cent for both quality and design. Received top class service with bargain deal. Not only image can utilise the frame whilst hanging on the wall. Great for colorful notice board or daily greetings for cheer. Wish IvyDesign team more great design and happy customers!

Bratislava, Slovakia


Thanks so much Verena, your mirror table is a great product, Built robustly, it is so functional & stylish & is a godsend in flats where space is at a premium. It gives the flat so much more circulating space (& the mirror gives a further illusion of even greater space, as well as being functional itself!) yet, when more formal dining is required, it functions perfectly in an "awkward space"!!

London, England


Wir haben den Tisch in einem Fotostudio geplant. Unser Kunde braucht im Fotostudio genug Raum für ein Fotoshooting ein Spiegel und einen Tisch. Mit dem Modell Classic mit Spiegel konnten wir durch das moderne Design des Tisches alle Wünsche des Kunden erfüllen. Die Lieferung in die Schweiz war sehr schnell. Die Montage war mit Hilfe des Videos simpel und  die Stabilität des Tisches ist optimal. Unser Kunde ist mit dem Tisch sehr zufrieden.

Schweiz, Baden


You will not believe, but we do finally have the table mounted.  It is fantastic.  Our friends who come over to see our renovation are all very impressed with the unique idea, the size, the subtlety of the mirror/table.  We chose to put it in a room that also has a Murphy bed - a room that can be guest room, office, or (with everything folded up) open play room.  More flexible than what anyone else in our neighborhood of small and expensive square footage has come up with! Thank you for your availability and the very prompt delivery.

Boston, USA