Sheep fur, ecological (black)

Sheep fur, ecological (black)

€ 140.00 incl. Vat (excl. Shipping)

EU-destinations: 20€
Other countries: 39€


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Product Details

Hairlength: Natural wool length 10-20cm, shorn wool 5cm
 Colors: white / black / grey / light brown
 Length: 90-100cm
 Width: 60-80cm

Delivery Information

Delivery time: 2 weeks
Shipping costs: Austria: 6,00€ (Incoterms CIP)
EU Destinations: 12,00 € (Incoterms CIP)
Other destinations € 15,00 (Incoterms DDU)

Product Description

Natural and ecological Sheep Fur in black color: Top quality, soft lambskins characterized by nice scent and touch (fluffy, very long, natural wool). Ecological processing and treatment.

We use solely ecological materials. Our Icelandic sheep skins come from Iceland where the sheeps spend their lifes roaming the wild country’s lush hills and valleys unfettered, eating fresh herbs and grasses, with almost no contact with humans.
The sheep skins are treated with ecological materials turing the tanning process.