Rocking Wolf

Rocking Wolf

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Height: padded seat: 29 cm
Handles: 45cm
Length: 90 cm
Ecological Materials: laminated wood, sheep fur, leather coated eyes, nose and skids, Leatherbands on skids prevent from sliding on the floor and protect sensitive floor surfaces
Colors: white, black, brown and grey


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    Sheep Fur 12
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Product Description

Rocking animal with soft sheep fur to rock, snuggle and dress the hair suitable for children of 2 years and above

Handmade in Austria, Graz

We use solely ecological materials. Our Icelandic sheep skins come from Iceland where the sheeps spend their lifes roaming the wild country’s lush hills and valleys unfettered, eating fresh herbs and grasses, with almost no contact with humans.
The sheep skins are treated with ecological materials turing the tanning process.

Use Rocking Zoo only under survey of adults.
Only for domestic use.
max. weight: 95 kg