Model “Premium” (Mirror), veneer

Model “Premium” (Mirror), veneer

€ 3,100.00 incl. Vat (excl. Shipping)

perfect for 6 people
SIZE: 150 x 85 x 75 cm
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EU-destinations: 59€
Oversee-Destinations: 199€


About this product

Product Details

Table legs:4 table legs

Size: 150cm (length) x 85cm (width) x 75cm (height) (different measurements on request)
Materials: beech wood, cotton plywood, plexiglass, stainless steel
Walls: solid structure walls, drywalls
Surfaces: oak, birch, maple
Photo Size: 124,7 cm x 60,7 cm

Shipping costs: EU-destinations: € 59,00 (Incoterms CIP)
Oversea-destinations: € 199,00 [259 U.S. dollars] [268,00 Canadian dollars] (Incoterms DDU)
Price on request for more than 2 units
Price: 3.400,00 U.S. dollars (VAT incl.)
3.750,00 Canadian dollars (VAT incl.)
2.040,00 British pounds (VAT incl.)


Delivery Information

Delivery Time: 1 week for black, 4 – 6 weeks for other colors
Shipping Costs: EU-destinations: € 59,00 (Incoterms CIP)
Oversea-Destinations: € 199,00 [259 U.S. dollars] [268,00 Canadian dollars] (Incoterms DDU)

Assembled:Ready assembled for mounting on your wall

Packing: carrier box (plywood)

Product Description

Picture Table and Mirror Table detachable are folding dining tables that seat comfortable 6 people. Folded to the wall the table transforms into a modern and elegant picture frame or mirror frame that decorates your room. Picture Table & Mirror Table transform the look and purpose of one room like a home office to a dining room or a home office to a cozy sitting room where you can enjoy dinner with friends without having to be reminded of work. Based on the accurately designed details which support the high level of quality Picture Table guarantees a surprise effect. When the table legs are opened a snap action holds them in a fixed and accurate position.

When using Picture Table or Mirror Table as a table flexing is not possible because the snap function locks the table legs tightly. Moving the table away from the wall a clothes hanger from stainless steel that has previously served as a wall mount for the picture frame or mirror frame remains at the wall. You can use it for your bags and jackets of your guests.

One person can change from table to picture frame and vice versa in under 20 seconds. The poster can be chosen and exchanged by yourself easily.