Model “Fancy” (Graffiti)

Model “Fancy” (Graffiti)

€ 2,500.00 incl. Vat (excl. Shipping)

Perfect for 5 people
SIZE: 130 x 85 x 75 cm
Graffiti design can be chosen
Please contact us for the current choice!

EU-destinations: 59€
Oversee-Destinations: 199€



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About this product

Product Details

Table legs:2 table legs, 1 short table end stays attached to the wall

Size: 130 (length) x 85 (width) x 75cm (height) = 59 x 33,5 x 29,5 inch (different measurements on request)
Materials: spruce wood, plexiglass or mirror or blackboard, stainless steel
Walls: solid structure walls, drywalls
Color: For artwork of your choice see the Graffiti portfolio of
Photo Size: 104,7 cm x 60,7 cm


Delivery Information

delivery time: 4 -6 weeks for other colors of your choice
Shipping costs: EU-destinations: € 59,00 (Incoterms CIP)
Oversea-destinations: € 199,00 [259 U.S. dollars] [268,00 Canadian dollars] (Incoterms DDU)
Price on request for more than 2 units
Price: 2.199,00 U.S. dollars (VAT incl.)
2.240,00 Canadian dollars (VAT incl.)
1.425,00 British pounds (VAT incl.)
Packing: solid carrier box (plywood)
Assembled: Ready assembled for mounting on your wall

Product Description

Choose your colors, your favorite style, your motif and talk with our artists. For a personal talk about your ideas for your individual graffiti please contact us:
Graffiti Table “Model Fancy” is an artwork and a piece of furniture which is created in cooperation of ivydesign and the talented graffiti artist SIUZ (SIUZ on facebook) who works within the art scene of Vienna. Each table will be created individually for our clients. Before ordering our clients can contact us and let us know which colors and motifs they are interested in. Siuz will create an exclusive and individual, unique with a value exceeding a functional piece of furniture.

Please choose the colors and motive for your table after having contacted IvyDesign or Siuz. The price of our table depends on the grade of details and thus the working amount of work.

For a personal talk about your ideas for your individual graffiti please contact us:

Siuz on facebookYou can choose the parts of your table which should be decorated with the artwork:

  • Graffiti on all visible parts of the table
  • Graffiti within the picture frame instead of a poster/mirror, table legs und table top unicolored
  • Graffiti on the picture frame around the mirror/blackboard/plexiglass, table legs und table top unicolored

All photos are example illustrations!